enrollment packet

Parents may secure applications from the center during business hours.  Office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

      * The childcare packet must be returned to the center              prior to the first day of attendance, by appointment.

      * Parents are required to have a current health                        statement (admissions forms) and up to date                        immunization records on their child no later than the            first day of care.

      * Parents and children are required to visit the center              before enrollment. 

      * Parents are required to have a pre-enrollment                      conference with the owner or designee prior to the                child’s first day of enrollment.  During the pre-                      enrollment conference, parents are encouraged to                share information about their child, voice their                      expectations of the program and ask questions. 

      * It is the responsibility of the parent to report to the                childcare office any changes of address, telephone                numbers (home, cell or work), emergency contact                person(s) and medical information.


Class                         Weekly Rate   Monthly Rate
Infants                       $200.00               $800/$1,000

Toddlers                     $148.75               $595.00
Pre-school                  $148.75               $595.00
Academy (K5)             $148.75               $595.00

Academy Elementary (1st -6th grades)    $395 per month
Before School Care                                    $60 monthly
After School Care                                      $90 monthly
Before & After School Care                      $130 monthly

Toddler & Preschool  A Beka Book Fee         $40 annually
K5 A Beka Book Fee                               $200 annually
Elementary A Beka Book Fee                   $300 annually

The registration fee/tuition will also serve as a security deposit to secure your child’s space in a classroom for a minimum of two (2) weeks. All enrollment paperwork must be renewed each August.


Parents seeking enrollment are invited to tour the center and 

have a family conference.  Enrollment is considered according to the date on which registration forms are received.  When positions are not available in the age group which you are seeking, a waiting list is maintained from which vacancies are filled.  

Upon enrollment, parents are required to sign a tuition agree-

ment, pay an annual registration fee of $100.00 and two (2) 

weeks tuition and A Beka Book fee in advance. 


Phone number: 210.390.1763

Address: 11502 Big Mesa Drive San Antonio, TX 78245

Email: kingdombuilderscc@fwcsa.org