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It is the mission of Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy to provide quality childcare for families of the local communities of San Antonio, in a nurturing environment that fosters developmentally appropriate growth.  These are the belief statements of the Board of Directors and our staff:

*Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy believes that each child is a gift from God and, therefore, staff continually strives to nurture the child and support the parent.

*Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy provides a safe and healthy environment for children, parents, and staff.

*Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy provides developmentally and age-appropriate activities for the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth of each child.

*Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy presents and practices and models Christian values through, prayers, songs, Bible stories and special events.

*Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy has a professional staff that works together as a cohesive team by cooperating, communication and supporting each other to achieve individual and Center goals.

*Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy continually seeks to meet and exceed the criteria for a licensed and accredited agency.


Our major emphasis is to help children discover their God-given qualities while providing a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning and education.

As a Christian Child Care center, we teach compassion and respect for others and an awareness of others.  We teach and practice Christian values through modeling, prayers, singing, and Bible stories. Spiritual concepts are woven into our curriculum and the daily activities within each classroom.  The children are taught daily about God’s love for them.

We believe that children learn best in a play-oriented, hands-on environment in which each child develops school readiness skills at his or her own developmental level.  Through play, children learn to socialize and communicate their thoughts and feelings to others.  They also learn to organize, to problem-solve and to use their imaginations.  The activities we provide give them many opportunities to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

We believe that the family unit is the most important factor in a child’s life.  Therefore, building strong relationships with parents is very important to us and we take a partnership approach to child care.  You are welcome at Kingdom Builders Child Care and Christian Academy at any time to share in your child’s day.  

Kingdom Builders Staff consists of Director, Owner, Office Manager, Compliance Coordinator, Teachers, After School Caregivers, Floaters, Van Drivers and Volunteers.
All members of our staff are qualified and are experienced in child development. Pre-employment back-ground screening and FBI fingerprinting is conducted on every member of our staff. In addition, they participate in various training opportunities each year in the areas of child development, nutrition, age appropriate activities and discipline. These qualifications enable us to offer the highest quality programs available.

Kingdom Builders staff members are NOT required to receive an influenza or COVID vaccine; no other immunizations are required by our center.
When the Owner and Director are off campus the Office Manager is the point of contact.


Kingdom Builders Christian Academy offers an educational environment with morality and character building as its core, without compromising academic standards.  It is our belief that education should begin, first, in the home and the Academy serves merely as an extension of the responsibility of the family to educate and train their children.  It is our purpose, as a Christian Academy, to provide the opportunity for each student to come to know Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior.

The curriculum at Kingdom Builders Christian Academy is selected with much prayer and research. As a “nurturing” Christian school, we seek to admit students of parents who will support the school’s Mission and educational philosophy.

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