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At KBCA, we believe all children can achieve at high levels and they deserve our very best efforts on a daily basis. However, the school cannot accomplish this task alone. We will need the help and support of parents throughout your child’s educational journey. Together, our high expectations will help every KBCA child reach his/her full potential as a student and as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Your child’s success is highly dependent upon the relationship that exists between parent, teacher, and child. Ongoing collaboration between the home and school is essential to both your child’s academic, spiritual and social success. As you become involved at our school, together we can demonstrate to your child the value and importance of a successful school life.

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the links below:

Parent/Student Handbook- We are asking that all parent(s)/guardian(s) take a moment and review the handbook.

Click on this link for information for parents from Child Care Licensing:

Child Care Licensing

Click on this link for Child safety campaigns:

Child Safety Campaigns

INFANT Enrollment Packet

TODDLER Enrollment Packet

PK Enrollment Packet

K5 Enrollment Packet





Parents schedule the times when childcare is needed by completing and signing a contract.  A contract for each child is completed upon enrollment of the child and renewed each August.  Contracts are considered binding unless changed by a parent at any time during the year. A two-week written notice is required for voluntarily withdrawal from the center. Contracts are accepted for full time and school age care.  Parents are asked to call by 9:00 am if your child will be late or will be absent for the day.  If a child has not arrived by 9:00 am and we have not been notified, your child could be denied care for that day.Because staffing is based on contracted hours, parents are asked to submit requests for extra time or notify the Owner or Office Manager of time off at least two weeks prior to the change in their child’s schedule. If your child needs to deviate from his or her current contracted time for any reason, whether the change is permanent or temporary, please notify the Owner or Office Manager. If an emergency arises and you need to vary your child’s schedule during the day, please contact the Owner or Office Manager.

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